One of the best tips to make moving easier, less time-consuming and stressful is using color-coded boxes. Movers can spend a lot of time figuring out where to put all the boxes at unloading. Also while unpacking, having to go through individual boxes looking for a specific item can be exhausting. Here is how you can find a quick access to your belongings, once you arrive at your new home or business site.

Color-coding ways:

  • Coding by destination room – items for kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.
  • Coding by item type – kitchen tools, working tools, cosmetics, pet stuff, clothing, etc.
  • Coding by fragility – it’s always recommended to mark your boxes fragile in order to avoid damages. Choose one color, for example, red to mark all the boxes containing fragile items.

Afterwards, make a list of your colors with clarification, keep a copy for yourself and give another one to the mover.