Can I move my pet?
Pets cannot be carried on the moving van. Dogs, cats, canaries, and parakeets can usually be transported in the family car. If this isn’t convenient, Transport Leopard will be glad to suggest alternate ways to ship your pets safely.

Can I move jewelry and other valuables?
Items of extraordinary value such as jewelry, money, photographs, antiques and stamp collections can be included in your shipment, provided you notify Transport Leopard of these items before packing or moving day. However, we strongly recommend that you carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you, or make other arrangements for their transport.

Can I leave clothing in chest or dresser drawers?
Lightweight clothing – sweaters, shirts, blouses, and lingerie – may be left in the drawers. Do not fill drawers with heavy items such as books, table linens or sheets, which can damage the piece of furniture during transit. Be careful NOT to leave fragile items, money, jewelry, watches or other valuables in the drawers, as well as anything that might spill or leak. Also, all liquids like perfume bottle should be removed. Clothes left in dressers may have to be refolded at destination and may shift.

Can I buy packing supplies from Transport Leopard?
You can order packing supplies directly from this site. Transport Leopard offers a variety of discounted packing boxes and supplies.

Can I pack my china, glass and crystal?
Most people prefer to have their household possessions, especially fragile items, professionally packed by a moving company. However, if you decide to pack these items yourself, remember that the basic principles of good packing include wrapping the items individually, providing plenty of cushioning and making sure of a firm pack.

What is partial packing?
Partial packing is the packing, wrapping or crating of glass tops, TV sets, pictures, mirrors, glass items, lamps, china cabinets, and all upholstered furniture.

What is full packing?
The mover will enter your residence and pack everything for you. It is recommended that you retain any valuables, such as medicines, legal papers, etc.

Do you charge for packing materials?
Any materials that are requested or used by your moving team (boxes, packing paper, tape, etc) will be charged additionally.

When should I pay for moving?
You can pay at unloading.

What payment methods are available?
You can pay by cash or credit card.

Should I disassemble the furniture myself or is it included in the service?
Disassembling / assembling is subject to extra charge.

Will you wrap my furniture and appliances?
Yes, wrapping of all furniture and appliances is included in per hour rate.

Is there a minimum charge for your service?
Yes, all service is subject to minimum 3 hours (2 hours work + 1-hour transport).

Can I pay later for my moving or do an e-transfer?
No, payment for residential moving must be done upon delivery; we do not accept an e-transfer.

Can I ask friends and family to assist with my moving?
Yes, the more help you have, the faster the moving will be, therefore, less for you to pay.

Should I call a day before moving to confirm?
You can always call us if you prefer or have any questions. There’s no need to confirm your moving a day before, if you have already received a booking confirmation from us. Our driver will always call you 30 minutes before arrival or once leaving the office (for long distance). Please make sure to provide a valid phone number for your moving day.