Moving with Kids

Most Kids adapt easily to new surrounding. However, the move itself and the weeks that follow can be quite difficult for some. So we have shared some tips to make the transition easier for them. After all, your kids are your Gems of Life. Some guidelines to prepare your kids for the move to make a successful relocation with them.

Before the Move


Tell your kids everything about the move, the new things they are going to experience, encourage them and ask questions. Make them feel positive about the move, it will keep them relaxed and feel excited.

Involve them in preparation for the move

Involve your kids in the packing. They can pack their toys they like to keep with them.

Moving in the middle of year?

If you move in the middle of academic year, contact new school before move and speak to them about curriculum. The more you know about the new school the better you can prepare your kids for it, thereby making them more comfortable.

Make a scrapbook

Help your children make a scrapbook of their former home, school, friends and favorite places.

Keep a small party for your kids

You can keep a small party for your kid and invite his friends, your kid will love this and feel happy. Also encourage your kid to maintain contact with old friends by keeping a record of their friend's contact number and address.

Take them to their favorite places

Before your move take your children to their favorite places and remember to take photographs.

After the Move

Make them familiar with new home

Show your kids his new home, specially his room. Let them unpack their own boxes and decide upon the arrangement of their own rooms.

Make them familiar with new city

Take your kids to parks, zoo's and any places of interest nearby to your house. Help them develop a liking for this new place.

Keep a check on your kids

Spend time with your kids, check their performance in school. Show interest in their school and friends. Meet teachers and accompany your children to your school.