Our pricing is flexible and based on your needs.

Residential Service

Rates for moving service varies throughout the year with pick season being the most expensive in June-July.

What our rate per hour is based on:

  • Date of the moving (season)
  • Number of helpers
  • Size of the apartment/house and truck required (16ft, 20 ft, 26 ft or 53 ft)
  • Pickup and delivery locations (entrance, floor, elevator or stairs)

What’s included in per hour rate:

  • Free in person estimation
  • Truck with a driver
  • Helpers (with minimum 5 years of experience)
  • Wrapping of all furniture and appliances
  • Blankets for protection of goods and walls, carpet for floor protection
  • Insurance

***All estimates are subject to 1-hour transport charge (30 minutes to get to pick up location and 30 minutes to return back to the office). For long distance move pricing, please contact our customer service.

Subject to extra charges above per hour rate:

  • Heavy items like a piano, safe, pool table, Jacuzzi, etc.
  • Assembling and disassembling of furniture
  • Palantage
  • Overnight storage
  • Packaging
  • Packing material (except blankets)

Commercial Service

Contact us for a spot quote for one time shipments. If you have regular deliveries throughout the year, please schedule an appointment with our representative to order weighted or skid rates that suit the best your needs.

Packing Material Price List

ItemPurchase (CAD)Rental (CAD)
Blue Cover$19.99$4.99
Grey Cover$12.99$2.99
Wardrobe Box$19.99$8.50
Big Size Box$3.99N/A
Medium Size Box$2.99N/A
Small Size Box$2.50N/A
Packing Tape$2.99 eachN/A
Bubble Wrap$24.99 per rollN/A
Packing Paper$24.99N/A
Plastic Mattress Protection$9.99N/A
Couch Cover$19.99$8.50